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1-Can we offers samples?

Yes, we offers samples but our minimum order quantity for samples is 5 pieces. One piece per article, design and color.

2-What is our minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantity is 30 pieces or pairs. 10 pieces per design and color. But for hand wrap and wrist wrap our minimum order quantity is 100 pairs and 50 pieces per design and color.

3-Can we knit or dye special fabric shade according to demand?

Yes, we can make custom fabric color shade on customer demand. Sometimes customers demands such color shade which are not available in market then we have to makes custom shade and approve from customer.

4-Can we make custom products and gears according to demand?

Yes, we can make other custom products and gears according to customer requirements. Like training wears and sports bags etc.

5-Do we have our own brand or selling store?

No, we have not our own brand or retail selling store. We are geniune manufacturer and supplier. We works with different brands and customers around the world and make all products according to given designs and instructions.

6-How we does control product quality?

First of all our first priority is top quality products and for this purpose we have our expert and experience staff which is just work to maintain product quality with the passage of time and changing wearing style.

7-What is our policy about claim quality of any product?

In case of product quality claim we will replace with new products but customer have to send us six photos of claim product from different angles.

8-In which countries we can ship?

We can ship all over the world by using express services or courier.

9-From when we are working?

We are working on international level since 2017. We take star-up from USA and now we have our customers around the world.

10-Do we have our company registeration certificates?

Lionel sports is fully registered and certified. We have our company registeration certificates which we can show to any customer on acquiring any time.

11-Which services we uses for shipping?

We can use all express and courier services but this is totally depends on customer recommendation which service he want to use? Like DHL, TCS, TNT, UPS and FEDEX etc

12-What is our payment method?

Basically we follows international business rules. 50% as a advance and 50% on load shipment and after checking products pictures. Or 40% as a advance and 60% on load shipment.

13-By which way we can accept payment?

We can accept four type of payment methods. Western Union, Money Gram, direct transfor company account to company account or personal account to personal account. We can also accept PayPal.