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OUR PROCESS – How it works


Before start production of any product we check all the require material quality, color shades, gsm, type and durability. Pre-Checking is the fundamental step in making sharp and quality product because if we start from an error then our end product definitely will be wrong.


Cutting is the process in which we cut out the pattern pieces from specified fabric for making garments. Using the markers made from graded patterns and in accordance with the issue plan fabrics are cut to prepare garment assembly.


After cutting the desired size panels, we start the printing process. First our designers confirm the final design, color scheme, sizing and then start printing. After printing we heat up the printed fabric by using automatic heat machine for top class result and shine.
Sometimes customer demands printing and sometime demands embroidery and even both at time. We uses computerized embroidery machines which are imported from Japan. We provide both direct & applique embroidery service.
Sublimation has been top trend in fashion & sports world recently. We have high quality sublimation machines which are imported from Italy. No need of cutting is needed sublimation because sublimation printing is the first step and cutting process starts after that.


After printing, embroidery and sublimation we start stitching process. We have single needle, two needle and three needle stitching machines which are imported from Germany and China. In stitching string color matching is very important and we take full  care about it. Size & neck labels, brand logos are also put during stitching process.
Knitted & computerized size labels are available and this depends on customer choice what he wants.


After stitching we start cleaning process and removal of extra string and fabric. Our cleaning staff clean every product from inside and outside. We use pure water drops for removing dirt spots and tiny particles of dust.


After cleaning we start the pressing process. For this process we use automatic iron heated between 180 to 200 degree depending on the fabric thickness. All the wrinkles are removed from the final product.


After cleaning and pressing start checking process. This is not start up checking process this is finish product checking. In checking process our staff concentrate on cutting, printing, embroidery and stitching. In case of any issues product send back in stitching hall and check is that this product is able to repairing otherwise keep it in basket. Because our policy and first priority to serve top quality products to all our honorable customers around the world. So we can’t send any doubtful product.


After checking start re-checking process. Sometimes in first checking process our checkers could not find claim product and in re-checking this is 100% sure is that they find out claim product and immdiately replace it. Our re-checking staff is very experienced.


We says it also master checking. Because in this checking our checking masters take one articles from 100 line products and check it and test it. In case of claim they does reject 100 of 100 products.


After master checking and finalized the product quality we put tags with all products according to customer instruction. This is depends on customer because all customers makes their own brand tags.
Heat Transfer Sticker:
Some customers want to use heat transfer logo stckers. These are also available..


After all process and steps we has start packing process. For normal packing we use plastic polythene simple bags but some customer demands printed packing bags and then we uses printed paking bags because being a manufacturer and exporter we are bound to customer requirements.


After packing we keep 10 to 100 pieces in one carton and save it in store for anytime shipping. We prints brand names on carton by following customer instructions.


When everything is completed and ready for shipping we send some pictures and a short video clip of products to customer for clearance and satisfaction.

 In all these steps and processes we does more care about given time frame from customer and timely shipment. Serve great customer services is our duty. And day by day we are trying to bring more improvement in our service and quality.